Do you ship internationally



Yes!  Every day!  Our $6.75 flat shipping may be a little higher for some international destinations.


Typical International tracking information Typical International tracking information

Please note, as the picture above shows, we often can't track USPS orders beyond the package leaving the USA.  This is what our tracking information typically shows for international orders.

Once the package is sent to the destination country, tracking stops.  Because we cannot track an international package as delivered to your door, please recognize that international orders sent to the address you provide are deemed delivered once tracking information shows the package made it to an international shipping hub like Chicago.
International shipping involves your customs, your post office system, and quite possibly local tax authorities.  We can't predict how long a shipment will take to get to you.  Speaking of customs, some countries have import duties which may apply to your shipment.  We won't specifically warn you about import duties that may apply to you because we don't know the actual tax situation for each country in the world.

Even when a post office can provide tracking information, they do not always do so.  This package was never scanned until it reached it's destination in Canada.

Tracking is not always updated Tracking is not always updated
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