I never saw or approved a proof, and now I see a shipping notice



Please be aware that while I greatly prefer folks to approve the proofs for personalization, color, and size before I print, if I send a proof to you and hear nothing back for 7-10 days, I will go ahead and print and ship.  Here is why.

I used to only print on approval.  But several times a week I would get very unhappy customers that thought they already approved the proof, or didn't see the proof for some reason, or didn't realize I was waiting for approval to print.  They would ask where their order is, and I would say it is not even printed yet.  Enter the irate customer!

I want to avoid irate customers, so I have changed the process.  If I do not hear from you after 7-10 days from your order date, I print and ship.

Since having moved to this, it is very rare to hear from unhappy customers, but there are a few people surprised to see the shipping notice when they didn't approve the proof.

Please know, if I shipped your order but you didn't approve the proof, I will still make changes as needed and ship you new decals at no cost to you.

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