What are my work hours?

I generally print and ship Monday - Friday.  Typically first thing each workday morning I look for printing approvals and start printing.  I process and ship the vinyl and respond to emails through the afternoon.  I generally send proofs in the late afternoon or evening.


I generally do not work Friday afternoon, but pick back up at some point on Sunday and get prepared to be printing first time Monday morning.


Please keep in mind that I am one person.  So while I generally always send a proof of your order within one business day, and print and ship within one business day of your approval, it may take one business day to respond to emails.  Please do not post a negative review just because I don't respond inside of a day or over a weekend.


It may take slightly longer to respond to custom artwork questions.  Often I have to spend time researching possibilities before responding.


I generally do not work postal holidays, and occasionally take vacations.  I will post a banner on my website if responding to emails or sending proofs will take longer than one business day.

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