How To Contact Us

We strive to provide great customer service!  Please understand that our primary business is doing embroidery and we share a work space with three embroidery machines.

With the noise of the machines we often cannot hear the phone ring or hold a conversation, so we do not list a phone number.  

Usually the fastest way to ask a question or resolve an issue is to email us.  We have extensive FAQ pages covering issues like where is my order.  

However, if you are having trouble placing an order, or have an issue not covered in the FAQ, please email with your phone number and we will call as soon as we can.

If you need to send a return or find us, our offices are at:

Bling Your Band Offices

207 E. Reserve St. #102

Vancouver, WA 98661

If you are in the orthotic industry, or are interested in helping other parents know of our decal options, we have a free PR kit.

Contact Us
Bling Your Band Offices
PO Box 873488
Vancouver, WA 98687