Summer camp trunk decals

Some friends of ours are going to summer camp for the first time and campers are required to have a trunk that fits under the bunk.  Painting was very expensive and the vinyl docoration options out there were small or just not attractive to them.  Since we do vinyl stickers, I looked at what was available from others and knew we could do much better!  Thus our personalized sumer camp trunk decorations were born.

Personalized summer camp trunk

Each decal sticker set you see comes on a 28" x 23" canvas.  That is 4.5 square feet of decals, plenty to decorate your summer camp trunk right!


I think we have great personalized summer camp trunk decals for girls, but I am particularly proud of our personalized summer camp trunk decals for boys given that I have only see unattractive options for boys.  We have fun and edgy boy designs!


We have a step-by-step application guide for the decals!


Personalized summer camp stickers

There are things to know about our decals:


• High quality - same vinyl you see on cars
• We don't skimp - you get a lot of vinyl!
• They are removable - change them next year!
• They don't cost more than the trunk!
• We full color print!  What you see is what you get!
• You don't see these designs anywhere else! 

Have questions about ordering our decals?  See the FAQ page!


Our friends used their personalized summer camp trunk last year for the first time.  This spring we removed the decals from the trunk so we could apply all the girl designs for sample photos.  One thing we learned is that if you intend to go with new decoration next year, removing the stickers after this summer camp is a good idea.  The decals on our friend's trunk had really stuck to the trunk in the last 9 months.  We used a razor blade to get the decal edge lifted up, and then used our fingers to remove the decoration.


We used some Goo Gone to remove the adhesive residue, and found that it left an oily residue of it's own. It is best to use rubbing alcohol to remove the adhesive residue.