Cranial band decals and decoration notes

  1. How to remove our decals

        If you sealed the decals with Mod Podge to the proper thickness (I hope you did!), removing it is a snap!  Use your fingernail and start at the edge of the Mod Podge,  and work it until you can start to pull on the Mod Podge, and then it will remove in nice big sheets.  It is even...
  2. Can I make changes to the decals?

        Yes!  You can request color changes, change sizing to fit your band, make changes to the text in a design, add text to a design, change the font in a design, mirror an element in a design, mix and match elements in a design.   Just use the special instruction box and request the changes.
  3. cranial band decal volume pricing

        The more you buy, the lower the price of EACH decal!  The shopping cart will apply the discounts as the decals are added to the cart. Buy one - ~$23 each Buy two - ~$20 each Buy three - ~$17 each Buy four - ~$15 each Buy five - ~$15 each Buy six or more- ~$14 each
  4. About our vinyl decals

        I can tell you what our decals look like, or just show you!  Our decals are first full-color printed onto a 30 inch wide roll of white vinyl, the same vinyl you see on cars.  After printing, the decals are cut to shape with a razor blade.  We then remove the excess vinyl, and apply transfer tape which...
  5. How to apply the vinyl decals to a cranial band

    The decal application instructions are also on YouTube! Application Page Links Would you like to see application videos on YouTube? We have many!  Watch us place the decals, paint, apply mod podge, and demonstrate specific techniques! Paige and her mom and dad recently stopped by so I could take pictures for a step-by-step guide on applying our high quality decals to...
  6. How to order our vinyl decals

        Our decal price is for a roughly 8.5” x 11” sheet of color printed vinyl, cut to shape decals like in these pictures.  We have an instruction guide on how to apply them, remove them, we recommend Mod Podge to protect them, and we offer volume discounts.  In many designs we offer a name in the font shown or change the...
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