What is your return policy

The credit card company requires that I state an exact refund period.  So for them, requests on orders eligible for refunds will be refunded for sure if made within 10 days. I will refund orders if you email me to cancel before your order ships.  Please do not cancel on social media, we don’t spend … Read more

Internationally shipment information and tracking

If at all possible we recommend you use a USA delivery address – maybe a friend or family.  Some destinations seem more reliable than others but no international destination is certain to be fast and reliable. By default we ship world wide via USPS due to the low cost.  Please note that we do not … Read more

How much is shipping

    Domestic shipping Domestic shipping is a flat $6.75 no matter how much you order!  How long is the shipping transient time?  We discuss that here!   International shipping of just helmet decals We still have flat shipping rates for international destinations but they may be a little higher than the domestic rate.   … Read more

Cleaning the cranial band and removing the smell!

We all have different ideas on how to clean, and cleaning the cranial band is no different.  Be very careful cleaning the outside of a mod podged band with highly concentrated rubbing alcohol.  Mod Podge is sensitive to alcohol and quickly absorbs it and can become runny. I turned to the BYB community, asking experienced … Read more

Mod Podge won’t stick to my helmet!

    I have had two cases come up where the customer applied the decals to the cranial band step-by-step with our application instructions, but the Mod Podge didn’t stick to the helmet.   At the time, using rubbing alcohol to initially clean the helmet was not part of the application instructions.   In both … Read more

Why should I buy baby helmet decals from you?

Some people email asking why they should buy baby helmet decals from us, versus say purchasing stickers at a hobby store.  It is a fair question.  Hobby store stickers can certainly work if you find a set you really like, but there are cons to using them, and pros to using us. The pros of … Read more

How to paint a cranial band helmet

Quick Links How to apply the vinyl decals How to apply heat transfers How to apply googles or large decals   Please do not paint a $3,000 band with 50 cent paint from WalmartMany folks email inquiring about changing the underlying color of their child’s band. You can probably paint the band yourself!  We have … Read more

What happens after I place my order?

    You should get a proof within one business day sent to your email address of record.  If you have not received a proof within two business days, please check your SPAM folder, and then please email us and inquire.   After you see the proof, you can ask for changes, or you can … Read more

But I heard complaints about decals taking forever to ship

    Until early 2014, Coree filled all Blingyourband.com orders.  She was also the mother of four small children, and when push came to shove, her family came first.   Coree recognized it was a growing problem, and now Nathen and Kerrie Barton fill orders.  They have 7 years experience with personalizing and shipping children’s … Read more

Order form FAQ guide

    Have questions about placing your order?  If you don’t see the answer below, please email us! Mod Podge  Do I need the Mod Podge or squeegee? Most helmets need mod podge.  Unless your child is too young to move his or her head, you probably need it.  You can get it from us … Read more