Clemson University Tigers cranial band decals


Wondering how to order or apply these decals?

Clemson University Tigers cranial band decoration decals! It captures the theme with logos and slogans. You get an approximately 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of high quality vinyl die cut decals. Show your passion for Clemson University Tigers and decorate your doc band or full helmet. The sheet will be more than enough to completely decorate any brand of plagiocephaly helmet, and the decals will stick to all brands of plagiocephaly helmet but we do recommend a light sanding with 400 grit sandpaper because some bands have a slick coating that won’t wash off.

Do you have a doc band?  Let us know in the form and some of the larger elements will be sized down to doc band proportions. The default sizing works great for full sized plagiocephaly helmets like Star Bands, Boston Bands, and Danmar helmets just to name a few.

The Clemson University Tigers sticker sheet is printed just for you and the style is very popular. Each design is separate but all the designs will come on one sheet, and you will cut them apart to apply them for decoration.  Generally the text should be applied line by line or as one block.

We have many university designs, and we are happy to mix and match from ANY other design, OR change sizing OR colors. Just note it in special instructions.  We can print any colors of the rainbow and we want you to have a helmet or doc band that you are proud to show off. We also create new artwork every day.

This Clemson University Tigers decal design looks great on an orange or purple helmet (we would adjust colors as needed), and we now offer complete helmet painting kits. Please also see our helmet painting instruction page.

The heat transfer is a matching decoration design you can apply to a shirt or we can apply to a onesie. These are great for baby pictures. See the matching apparel designs for pictures. You can apply the design to a shirt or similar clothing with your iron.

The pink outlines show the razor cut marks and they will not print!

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Click here for the full webpage on how to apply the decals

How to apply the vinyl decals – watch me decorate an entire helmet.

Webpage version   YouTube Video


How to protect your decals with mod podge.  99% of complaints are prevented with mod podge.

Webpage version   YouTube Video

Can I ask for changes?  What changes can I ask for?  What will happen after I order?
This video probably answers them!


Can I sand my band?
Webpage version   YouTube Video


How to paint your cranial band. In my opinion, the biggest difference between a helmet looking like a medical device and a helmet looking like art is the paint.
Webpage version   YouTube Video
How to apply really large decals – get the largest decals down flat.
YouTube Video


How to apply larger decals like glasses and goggles.
Webpage version   YouTube Video – large decal
YouTube Video – large block of text
YouTube Video – name with embellishment
YouTube Video – large ring


How to apply heat transfers
Webpage version   YouTube Video



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