Trails Club of Oregon Tyee Lodge details

Welcome!  The Trails Club of Oregon (TCO) would love to have you visit Tyee Lodge!  As a space that hosts events and provides meals and overnight accommodations, we have procedures and practices to make sure everything runs smoothly.
While the club owns and operates Tyee Lodge, each weekend/event is hosted by a specific TCO member.  If you have a question or would like to attend a specific weekend/event, please contact that TCO member in the method proscribed in the writeup.


RSVPing – Just RSVPing on is not enough
Each Tyee event will have an email address or phone number to RSVP to.  That instruction is important and there for a very important reason – sometimes event details change, and it will impact you.  We want to be able to tell you.
Due to low demand, an event may change from TCO providing meals to you providing for yourself.  Or maybe the host became ill at the last minute and the lodge is now opening on a Saturday morning instead of a Friday night.  Real life happens.
Second, Meetup is not the only platform people see Tyee events.  If 44 people RSVP on meetup, and 25 people heard about the event another way (say our monthly newsletter), and everyone shows up, not everyone gets a bed.
The email/phone RSVP system guarantees you have a space.
We have tried using the platform to send messages to event participants, and most people, for whatever reason, are not getting them.
You may have forgotten to pay for TCO provided meals.  We want to be able to remind you.
Last, please do not RSVP on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/other.  Please remember that each event/weekend is hosted by a specific TCO member.  They are not looking at each social media platform looking for your RSPV, they are checking the phone number or email that they provided and asked for you to use.


Staying on the property – Lodging costs
Staying on the property costs $25 for adult guests, $15 for adult members, $15 for guest children, and $5 for member’s children).  We have a family cap – member family pay no more than $40 for a night, guest families pay no more than $60 for a night.
Please note, tent camping outside the lodge counts as staying on the property, and the same fees apply.


Staying at the lodge – Meals
Some events are advertised as bring your own food.  We have a full kitchen with two stoves, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, and basic staples.  During the bring your own food events you are welcome to cook and eat with the community.
At other events, particularly at popular events, the club will provide a cook.  Except for very special diets, we ask that you participate with the club’s meal, as there is limited kitchen space and ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ is not practical.
Dinner is $8, breakfast and lunches are $5.  TCO provided meal prices are set by the club.  Hosts are expected to spend about that much on food for meals, per person.  Please check which days and meals are provided.  It is common even on TCO cook weekends that Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast to be bring your own.
Kids are half price.
We ask that you prepay for TCO provided meals.  You can send money to tyeewint[email protected].  You do not need a paypal account to do this.
We ask that you prepay for meals because of course the host needs to buy the food before the event, and if you don’t end up attending and pay the host for your share of the food, you just cost the host money out of his or her pocket.
Hosting is not a paying gig.  They do not make any money from providing meals, it is a service they extend to others because they enjoy enabling others to spend time at the lodge.  We won’t have hosts or meals if hosting takes money from their pockets.


Spending the night
The lodge sleeps 22 in the men’s dorm and 22 in the women’s dorm.  The women’s dorm is a lot like restrooms.  You won’t send your 3-year-old boy into the men’s bathroom.  He is welcome in the women’s dorm.  As a single mom, you might not even want your eight year old boy in the men’s side.  Be reasonable and we will too.  The lodge is family oriented.  Bring a sleeping bag and pillow, we have mattresses.
We have electricity/full kitchen/flush toilets.


Community feel
The TCO is a community – not a hotel.  The host is there to maintain order and be a manager – we the people enjoying the space together also clean up together and do dishes together and restock the fire word together and play board games together and meals generally are a community event. If there is one rule above all others at the lodge, it is: Please play well with others.  Reasonable people can generally sort things out and come to good solutions.


How to get to the lodge (winter directions)
0. During the winter you need a snow pass to park!
1. Head to Government Camp.
2. Take the left up to Timberline Lodge
a. There might be line of cars stopped right at the turn from Highway 26. As soon as you can speak to a flagger, tell them you are going to Tyee Lodge and not to Timberline. Some flaggers don’t know there is a Tyee Lodge, tell them it is next to the boy scout lodge.
b. They will waive you through
c. About 0.25 miles up the road, you will see a parking area to your right. Park there, and not in a Do Not Park section
d. This is your first opportunity to park, and there won’t be another one for miles so you won’t confuse it
3. The lodge is across the road, about a quarter mile walk slightly uphill
a. Walk to the bottom of the parking area (towards Government Camp) and then cross the road when it is clear
b. You will see a little trail and rope to get you up the bank
c. At the top of the bank you will see a trail left – take it. The trail right goes to the boy scout lodge.
d. Follow the ropes to your left up to the lodge
4. It is generally a trip you only want to make 1-2 times so pack accordingly

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