About Us

Blingyourband.com was started in 2009 by parents of a child diagnosed with plagiocephaly, a medical condition where a child’s head has a flat area or is asymmetrical.  The condition is not painful for the infant, and a cranial orthotic (cranial remolding helmet or ‘band’) is fitted that allows a young child to grow into a rounder head shape.  A child with plagiocephaly is as healthy and normal as any other child.  The band is nothing more than a high tech baby helmet or hat.

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The fastest way to ask a question or resolve an issue is to email us.  We have extensive FAQ pages covering issues like where is my order.  

The condition is rare enough that you probably didn’t know what baby helmets were or why children wore them before your child was diagnosed with plagiocephaly or craniosynostosis.  The band looks medical and sterile and now that your child wears a baby helmet, you might feel self-conscious about it or that folks are feeling sorry for your child.

Most folks don’t know what the helmet is for but assume it is for a serious medical condition, and they don’t know how to respond to it.  We have a free info kit if that would be helpful.

We are here to help turn lemons into lemonaid.  We can’t change that you have a band, but we can help you decorate the band so it is the coolest thing in the room.  We help you do this with vinyl decals, bows, heat transfers, paint and bows!

You can have the coolest kid in the room!

We have nearly 1,000 designs that you can customize with color and size changes, and we are always happy to create new artwork!   Our decals are non-toxic and safe to put in your child’s band, be it from Hanger, Doc, Star, Clarren, or Boston brands.  We have a picture gallery with many hundreds of photos for inspiration.  In addition, we have detailed application guide pages, and information on how to paint your band!

Each of our sticker sheets is more than enough for any baby helmet.  You can use the leftovers to replace damaged decals.  Our decals also work on baseball helmets, craniosynostosis helmets, soft helmets, bike helmets, or smooth plastic casts.