How long does it typically take for my order to ship?

Vinyl decals: Except in unusual circumstances like illness or vacation, you should receive a proof via email within about one business day of your order.  If you like it, please respond with printing approval, or ask for changes.
We generally print and ship within a business day of receiving printing approval.  Wraps need to sit about 24 hours after printing for the ink to firmly dry, so they may ship the day after.
If you do not respond to us, either asking for changes or approving printing, we will wait about 7-10 days, then print and ship (Why we do that.).

Do you know why FAQs are long?  There is always a story behind most of them.  I am adding this note because of one of those special moments!

Please note – Express shipping does not change our process: You order, we send a proof, you approve or ask for changes, we print and ship.  Express shipping just changes how we ship the package to you.  Express (1-2 day delivery) versus First Class (3+ day delivery) mail.
I know Express mail is $25.  It is not a work-weekends-and-cancel-vacations rush fee.  $22 of it goes to the post office.  $1.25 goes to the credit card company.  That leaves $1.75 for me, but even that I don’t really get.
Occasionally the post office doesn’t deliver Express mail in 1-2 days and you ask me for a refund.  I don’t get a refund from the post office.
And occasionally for whatever reason I have to send a followup package and I have to cover that.
So please understand that the $25 is not a rush fee and please do not yell at me that I didn’t work a weekend or come back from vacation early after you paid it.  It is just paying the post office for quicker delivery.
It is very typical for orders to ship the next business day after the order is placed.  You order at Noon.  I send a proof by that evening.  You approve printing by the next morning.  It ships later that day.

How long is the shipping transient time?

3 thoughts on “How long does it typically take for my order to ship?”

  1. I ordered decals almost 2 weeks ago and I STILL didn’t get them. Please help me.

    Hi Jasmine, I don’t see an order under your email address or your name?

  2. Hello! I just placed an order on 4/13/2014 and I am wondering if I will get the decals I ordered for my daughter’s DOC band before Easter which is in one week.

    Thanks so much!

    • Alexis, you will get a proof by tonight if you have not gotten one earlier. We print and ship at least every other day, and ship via priority mail!


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