After many requests, we have decided to start selling paint kits for smooth surfaces. People sometimes leave the craft store with the wrong paint and the paint does not stick, which makes a huge mess. We have tested each paint we offer for sticking power, washability, thickness, and overall vibrancy. We have taken the best offerings of DecoArt and Liquitex. Depending on the color you order, the paint will be at least 1oz of one of those brands.

Each kit comes with a good paint brush, and a square of sandpaper. This kit is all you need to paint a smooth surface.

If you order multiple paint colors, we will include the same number of paint brushes so the colors do not mix.

If you need to paint a smooth surface, please see our painting instruction page and/or our YouTube instruction version. In these examples we happen to be painting specific items but this process works with any smooth surface.