How to add a name embellishment to your cranial band

Is your cranial band decoration sheet coming with an optional name embellishment?  Some embellishments are small and it is clear how to place it, but some are larger and this page will show you how to apply this decoration element to your cranial band.

First, cut the name free of the embellishment.  I did this with just a regular pair of scissors.

Next, I removed all the excess transfer tape from around the name and the embellishment.

Then I applied the name to the cranial band.  If you haven’t seen my application page, I have lots of examples of how to apply the name.

After, I placed the embellishment around the name.  Of course if I didn’t want the embellishment, I could just skip this then.  Name embellishments are optional!


Name embellishments are a unique way to add some life and the sense of movement to your cranial band.