About our vinyl decals



I can tell you what our decals look like, or just show you!  Our decals are first full-color printed onto a 30 inch wide roll of white vinyl, the same vinyl you see on cars.  After printing, the decals are cut to shape with a razor blade.  We then remove the excess vinyl, and apply transfer tape which enables you to apply the decals to any clean, dry, smooth surface that for the most part only bends in one direction.  They are also easy to remove.  We STRONGLY recommend Mod Podge to protect the decals.


What does it mean to only bend in one direction?  A cylinder is a good example.  An example of something that bends in more than one direction is a bowling ball.  Big, dense decals can have trouble on a bowling ball because the vinyl bunches up in the ‘corners’ where the vinyl doesn’t have anywhere to go.


Because we full color print, we can generally achieve just about any color, and we don’t ask customers to layer vinyl.


Fortunately, helmets usually have ample locations suitable for decals.  Our vinyl is safe to go outside, and sticks well.  We are frequently asked how long a decal will last, and that is a hard question to answer for several reasons.


Normally if the decal is stuck well to a clean, dry smooth surface, then it will last a very long time just like a car bumper sticker.


But designs with thin parts (think thin cursive writing for example) are more prone to damage due to rubbing.


Second, a relatively large decal stuck on a surface that bends in two directions, internal stress may tend to pop the designs off.


Third, you then attach them to an active child that rubs it on things . . .


Thus, if you have a design that you would like to have last for a very long time on any child older than a young baby, we STRONGLY recommend Mod Podge.  Active children can damage some decals within a few days if they are not protected.  We have never heard a report of decal damage from anyone who followed the Mod Podge application instructions.


Another solution is to take advantage of our volume discounts and order a couple of designs, and change them out at your leisure!

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