How to apply decals, paint, and heat transfers!

I have a lot of instruction on this page.  You may not need to read or watch it all.  If you have a design with larger decals, it would be helpful if you watched more of the application videos. 

I think everyone would be served well to read or watch these two topics:

How to apply the vinyl decals

Watch me decorate an entire helmet

Webpage version                                       YouTube Video

How to protect your decals with mod podge

99% of decal complaints would have been prevented with mod podge

Webpage version                                     YouTube Video

How to apply our Doc Band Wraps  I do recommend a professional vinyl installer however crafty parents who can work in a team have sent pictures back that looked fantastic!

Step 1: How to apply the clear laminate on the wrap (YouTube Video)

Step 2: How to apply the wrap on the helmet  (YouTube Video)

I want your helmet to look fabulous and I know you do too!  I cover a lot of topics to help you make it happen.  Is a topic you are interested in missing?  Let me know!  [email protected]
Do you have questions on the order process? 
Can I ask for changes?  What changes can I ask for?  What will happen after I order? 
This video probably answers them!
What level of custom art can I request? 
YouTube Video

Can I sand my band?
Webpage version                                       YouTube Video

How to paint your cranial band

In my opinion, the biggest difference between a medical device and a helmet is the paint.

Webpage version                                       YouTube Video
How to spray paint your cranial band
YouTube Video
How to apply really large decals

This is the best video I have showing how to get the largest decals down flat.  

YouTube Video
How to apply larger decals or glasses and goggles

If your design has one of these, these videos will help you

Webpage version                     YouTube Video – large decal
                                                          YouTube Video – large block of text
                                                             YouTube Video – name with embellishment
                                                   YouTube Video – large ring
How to clean the funk from your cranial band

The funk is real!

YouTube Video

How to apply heat transfers
Webpage version                                    YouTube Video

Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few photos that might help you. When your helmet is complete, I would really appreciate you emailing me some high resolution, in focus pictures that I can add here! Feel free to attach them or insert them in an email and send them to me.

I will only use them for helmet education purposes, and they will never be sold.