Internationally shipment information and tracking

*** Please note BYB has returned to shipping decals directly to most of the world, including Canada and Europe  ***
We no longer recommend most folks use ComGateway as it no longer seems necessary.
If you can use a USA destination, that is always the fastest delivery.  Otherwise, we recommend that you simply checkout of our website as normal, using your international address.  Packages seem to be arriving at your customs in 7-10 days.  After that I can't see tracking information so I am not sure how long it is taking to clear customs or be delivered.  But after a long series of negative experiences with international shipping, we seem to be in a good place right now.  I will update if this changes.
However, if you know that you live in an area where you can't generally gets USPS international mail, you might consider using them.  But most of the world is not needing ComGateway right now.

If you need to use

ComGateway will provide you a USA shipping address ComGateway will provide you a USA shipping address
To use Comgateway register with them and use the USA shipping address they provide as you checkout.  They notify you when the package arrives at their location, and you decide how fast it should get to you.
*** Do not use the "Buy for me" service of ComGateway.  Just use their USA shipping address when you checkout on  Please please please don't!  The proofs for the order will not go to your email address!
We will not take responsibility if you use their "Buy it for me" service, you don't get the proofs, and then you don't like the results.
Then they deliver in your country with DHL/FEDEX.  YOU RELIABLY GET YOUR PACKAGE IN 1-2 WEEKS.
On the Comgateway rate table they charge a base price for 0.5Kg.  All of my decals fit into the base rate.  Their facility is only a few miles from me so packages get from me to them in 1-2 days.


On the Bling Your Band website, choose to ship to a different address On the Bling Your Band website, choose to ship to a different address


On the checkout page, choose SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS, and use the USA address given by  It may be a little different than my example.
Last, do not waste your money on the 1-2 Day Express shipping option.  I am very close to the facility and it won't be worth the money to you.



*** Update January 2018 ***
The USPS international shipping system has changed.  Packages have a completely different shipping label and a very different shipping process.
New shipping label! New shipping label!
OLD SYSTEM - package was scanned into the postal system at my post office.  Package traveled to some USA airport and then off to your country. Package had customs form printed on it.
NEW SYSTEM - package travels to a local postal processing facility.  Notice the new label does not have a tracking number barcode?  That means the Post office will not acknowledge receipt of the package and the tracking number will not become "live" until the package reaches this new processing facility.
This will be at least several business days after I ship the package!


Now this will be the message for a while Now this will be the message for a while
The processing facility will apply the barcode and then send the package on its way.
The website to track international shipments has changed!  Please click here to track your packages!


This new system is just a few days old as of this writing (Jan 25 2018), and I will update this post as I learn how it goes.


Shipping time

International shipping times are as difficult to guess as winning lottery numbers.  Shipments to Canada can easily be four days, or two weeks.  I have seen it take three weeks to Canada.
All international shipments go via USPS.  Some people wonder why we don't use Fedex or UPS for international shipments.  We find that very few people want to spend $50-$80 on shipping charges when the postal system works, albeit a little slower.


Packages pass through the customs of your country and then will then be delivered by your local post office.  Tracking information almost always stops when the package leaves the USA.  A package may appear "stuck" at a transient point but it is not stuck, it simply is not being scanned by the USPS anymore.
I won't know a package didn't arrive unless you tell me.


Some countries have import duties that may apply.  We won't worn folks subject to them because we don't know the tax responsibilities of your specific country.


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