We have a large selection of bows to decorate your cranial band or baby helmet. There are a number of different bow options! Attachement Type We have Velcro stick on bows, and clip type bows. With the Velcro type, there is a velcro dot on the back of the bow, and we will send the matching Velcro dot for the helmet along with the bow. The helmet side Velcro dot is stick on. This is for strapless helmets. The velcro dots to need to be restuck or replaced periodically. With the clip type, there is a clip on the back of the bow to attach to the helmet strap. They work well, but not all helmets have a clip point. Bow size We have bows that are about 4 inches accross, and a larger size about 5 inches across. Single vs. Double Layer Double layer bows use stacked ribbons for twice as much ‘volume’. We usually use an underlying solid color, and then a patterned design like chevron for the top ribbon.