What is your return policy



We do not offer refunds unless we made a mistake or the item is damaged.  Each decal is printed on a color printer just for you, so returning it does not help.


"Free" returns are not free - I can't get back the postage, materials costs or employee costs.  Free returns just mean the base price rises for everyone.


You will find that I am happy to answer questions, I am happy to send proofs, I am happy to correct issues, but I don't want to get caught in the loop of folks not really caring what they order because they can just return it if they don't feel like it later.

Perhaps this message explaining my thoughts to a customer best sums up why I don't have a for any reason or no reason at all return policy.


"I wish my materials were that inexpensive, but you are correct that it is my/employee time that dominates in this service. That is a large part of why I don't have a return-for-any-reason policy. If it was a simple as oh, you don't like it so I'll take it back and put it on the shelf for the next person, then absolutely I would take returns. No harm, no foul.


Each order is custom created for each person. The material/time is all wasted on a return.


I am in the process of getting some work done on the house. Some painting and new floors. My workers are happy to show me options and samples and answer questions. But none of them are offering to take it all back/give a refund if at the end of the day it doesn't make it me happy.


When products are mostly labor, and materials that can't be reused, return policies are generally pretty conservative."

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