What is your return policy



*** The credit card company requires that I state an exact refund period.  So for them, requests on orders eligible for refunds will be refunded for sure if made within 10 days.


Here is how I actually work.  Have a damage issue or the decal sizes don't work?  Email me when you find it.  Have you seen my 4.9/5 star rating on Facebook?  I earned that by being responsive to questions and issues and making customers happy.


I will refund orders if you email me to cancel before your order ships.  Please do not cancel on social media, we don't spend a lot of time on social media and probably won't see it soon enough.


If you order a custom product like vinyl, we will send you a proof.  We generally send a proof within about one business day of your order unless we are on vacation or there are unusual circumstances.


Unless we are on vacation or there are unusual circumstances, we generally print and ship within about one business day of receiving your printing approval.  However if you do not respond to the proof email with requested changes or printing approval for ~7-10 days, your order will 'time out' and we will ship it.


This statement has confused a few people.  No, we don't hold orders for 7-10 days before shipping them.  We ship orders promptly after you approve printing.  But if you do not respond to our proof email at all, at some point we print and ship.


Please be expecting a proof email on customized vinyl and email us if you don't see a proof email from us in 1-2 days.


Non-customized products just ship.


Once your order ships, then we generally do not offer refunds unless we made a mistake or the item is damaged.  Each decal is printed on a color printer just for you, so returning it does not help.



The same thing is true if we make a mistake and reship, please keep and use the first set if possible even as we send a replacement.


I warranty all the products we offer, and I warranty delivery inside the USA.  I also warranty the process of application so long as you follow our application guides in good faith.  That means if you followed the decal application guide and sanded the band lightly with the included sandpaper and for some reason the decals don't want to stick, I will work with you to solve it and then replace the decals at my cost.


I cannot warranty delivery any place that tracking does not extend to the final delivery address, which means in general I cannot warranty international delivery.


Please note, I can't warranty the decal application if you do not follow the process.  So if you do not adequately protect the decals with Mod Podge or a similar sealer, I can't refund your order should the decal edges lift or break, or the ink become sanded off.


But I also recognize that real life happens and sometimes the mod podge does not get applied.  In this case, the worst that happens is we offer a no-questions asked reprint for the cost of a penny plus shipping.

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