Why should I buy baby helmet decals from you?

Some people email asking why they should buy baby helmet decals from us, versus say purchasing stickers at a hobby store.  It is a fair question.  Hobby store stickers can certainly work if you find a set you really like, but there are cons to using them, and pros to using us.

The pros of using hobby store stickers are:
•  They are cheap
•  I can’t think of another one

The cons of hobby store stickers are
•  Getting them off will be a challenge
•  They are generally pretty small
•  Selection isn’t very good
•  You get what you get
•  They look cheap!

The pros of using Bling Your Band decals are
•  They are easy to remove and change out
•  Have you seen our huge “how to” library?
•  Changing helmets?  Replace your decals for a $5 plus shipping!
•  Huge selection!
•  Big decals!
•  Our decals work with all the cranial band brands
•  We make changes for free!
•  We create custom artwork for free!
•  Personalization is almost always included!

The cons of using Bling Your Band decals are
•  It typically takes us two business days to ship
•  Polite service
•  I guess theses aren’t really cons but I could not think of any

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