Can I make changes to the decals?



Yes!  You can request color changes, change sizing to fit your band, make changes to the text in a design, add text to a design, change the font in a design, mirror an element in a design, mix and match elements in a design.


Just use the special instruction box and request the changes.

8 thoughts on “Can I make changes to the decals?”

  1. Wanted to known if we sent you our Daughter’s Team Logo, can we have that made into a sticker for her helmet?? If you go to her Team Page the logo is the cover photo. Thanks!

    Jillian Arnold

  2. I like the princess 3 decal but I would like to make some changes to the design. I have twin daughters so i would also need two. I would like the color theme to be a hot pink and teal because the helmets are baby pink i dont want it to blend together. Also, do you have a list of fonts available to choose from? You can email me back at [email protected]
    Thank you

  3. Hi. I am looking for vinyl decals for my 8 month old sons doc band. I saw a photo on your sight of a football helmet theme, is that avaialable? I would love to do the NY jets.
    Let me know if you have something like this.
    Thank you.


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