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If you have purchased decals from Bling Your Band, and then had to change baby helmets or cranial bands and now would like a re-print of your previous order for your new helmet or band, we offer a decal replacement set for one cent, plus shipping.

Please see the notes near the bottom of the page for more details.


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If you have previously purchased decals from Bling Your Band, and then need a reprint, we offer a decal replacement set for one cent, plus shipping.  


It is no questions asked - if you had to change baby helmets or cranial bands, check!  


If you applied the decals, then life happened, and you forgot to apply mod podge, and now the decals looked faded or points broke off, check!  


Something didn't go down flat, or where you wanted it, check!


Or you just want another bite at the apple, check!


Look, we totally get that you have at least one kiddo running around and getting mod podge on the band doesn't rank as high in priority as keeping kiddo fed.  If you need a reprint, take a reprint.


If you can, please tell me the order number the reprint is for.  If the order was for multiple decal sets, please tell us which decal from the order needs to be replaced.


p.s. - please note that is is not a buy one, get one (or many, I had someone order one decal and then add four reprints to the same order.  Made me wonder if they were going into business on me LOL!) free offer.  


This is for folks who have a previous order and then are fixing an issue with the decals.  I don't make any money from reprints (the shipping and material cost is more than the shipping), and they take as much time to print and weed as any other order.


My point in saying this is, please do not abuse the system.  I will only print and ship ONE reprint per reprint per reprint order.  So there is no confusion, you can order another reprint, please just place a seperate reprint order in the future (should it be needed).

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