Doc Band Wraps

We now offer Doc Band wraps! Installing the wrap is a little more involved than applying decals, and we have a video showing a wrap being applied to a Doc Band.

What you get: We send you the physical vinyl, and the clear laminate for the wrap. This is not an image file, we send the real material. We don’t mind if you order from other shops but be aware that some shops are sending artwork that is not print ready.

Left Open vs Right Open – What side is the clasp on as you look at your child’s face?

Left open versus right open helmets!

Unless you can arrange your own artwork, you want print ready vinyl. For example, order this on Etsy, and you get this image file. How are you going to arrange the pieces? What size should each thing be and where should it go? And then, what specific vinyl should it be printed on? Get one decision wrong and you just wasted your money.

This is why we send physical vinyl – the design is done, we have the correct vinyl and top laminate, and you don’t have to stress about how to get it right. Plus, this image only ‘design’ was almost as expensive as our printed and shipped real vinyl.

We only recommend wrapping doc bands – full helmets are more tricky to apply a wrap to. And vinyl wrap installation is an art, we recommend you find a local sign shop and have them apply it. If they are not confident to apply the Doc Band wrap, you can point them to our video showing a professional wrap the Doc Band.

Wrapping the helmet involves the right application of heat and professional installation should be $50 or less.

We have about a thousand designs. If you like a helmet design but do not see it offered as a wrap, please just message us and we will be happy to convert it to a wrap design.

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