Name, initial, and monogram borders

You can choose from these optional name, initial, and monogram borders.  To use one, please note in the special instructions section something like “Please use Border #4”!


You can use a border on our Name Only product for no extra fee.  If you would like to use a border from this page on a different design, note in the special instructions on your order to please use Border #<which one you want>.


We may have to delete elements from designs to fit a border.  Please note in special instructions the desired diameter of the border.


These borders are best used with short names, about four letters or less, or are great with initials.  If the name is short enough, or just an initial, we will weed out the extra vinyl in the center of the design (as shown in below picture).


Name border example Name border example 

If the name is to big, meaning the letter sizes would be too small for us to weed the vinyl from the center, we will print the center as a solid peice of vinyl.  This means the band surface would not show through the center of the design.


Optional name, initial, and monogram borders Optional name, initial, and monogram borders 

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