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Mod Podge Mod Podge 

Do I need the Mod Podge or squeegee?

Most helmets need mod podge.  Unless your child is too young to move his or her head, you probably need it.  You can get it from us or any local craft store.  The squeegee is a convenience.  You can apply the decals with a credit card, but the squeegee is easier to use.


Why do you ask for the helmet color?

We only ask the helmet color so we can adjust the colors in the design so they will make a good visual contrast.  If it is white, you can leave this line blank.  The decals will not change the underlying color of the helmet.


What if I do not want to include a name?

We are down with that!  We won’t, however, waste the space.  We will copy in extra elements so you get your money’s worth.


Can I ask for color or size changes?

Is the pope Catholic?  You bet you can!  Don’t feel bad about asking.  We will also substitute elements from one design into your design.


What happens after I place the order?

You should get a proof within one business day sent to your email address of record.  If you have not received a proof within two business days, please check your SPAM folder, and then please email us and inquire.


After you see the proof, you can ask for size, color, or element changes, or you can approve printing.  You must specifically approve printing (see the next paragraph).  Responding with “I like it” is not enough for us to print.


After we send a proof, if we don’t hear from you for about 7 days, we will follow up asking if you are ready to print.  If we still don’t hear from you after about 7 days, we will print and ship.  We have gone to this procedure because a number of folks email after a few weeks demanding to know if their order has shipped.


After printing is approved, we add you to the print queue.  We print and ship at least every other day, often every day.


You will receive an email with a tracking number when your order ships.  If two-three days go by after you give shipping approval, and you don’t see shipping notice in your inbox or spam folder, please follow up with an email.


How do I apply them once they arrive?

 We have a detailed, step-by-step decal application guide!


Do I have to have the blue squeegee?

No, but it helps.  You can use a credit card to apply the decals.  The negative to the credit card is that it is hard so does not flex well, and can have a bit of sharp edge.  It can want to dig into the vinyl instead of sliding, while the Squeegee is softer and likes to slide.


The squeegee is also easier to grasp.  For $2, you won’t be sorry you got it and you are getting a deal with us because we want you to buy it and have a good experience.  Try to buy the same squeegee for less than $4 anywhere else!


Do you recommend Mod Podge to protect the decals?

Yes we do recommend Mod Podge to seal and protect the decals, and we have a detailed Mod Podge application guide.  So far, we have not had anyone report issues with their decals who followed the application guide and sealed with Mod Podge.


We ship quickly, and we know from our own experience that getting to the store during the week can be really difficult.  So we have starting selling Mod Podge and brush so that you have everything you need the moment the decals arrive.

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