Tattoo Jerry Doc Band Wrap


Tattoo Jerry Doc Band Wrap! WE RECOMMEND YOU ONLY ORDER THIS DESIGN IF YOU HAVE A DOC BAND. Full helmet styles are very difficult to wrap and you might not get good results.

This Tattoo Jerry doc band wrap design is physical vinyl – this is not a “we email you an image and good luck turning it into something real”, and we have a video showing exactly how to install the wrap. It will measure 9.5 inches by 26 inches.

Please note #1– we show the wrap as a form-fitting outline for demonstration purposes but we will mail a full rectangle and the installer will trim the vinyl to fit your band.

Please note #2– we need to know which side your Doc Band opens on. Right vs. Left means where is the clasp as you look at your child. See the extra picture for a visual explanation.

Please note #3 – by default we will make the name 1.35 inches tall which works with most doc bands. However, some small doc bands might need the name as little as an inch high. Please measure yours and let us know if the name height needs to be reduced.

Please note #4 – the background color is default but can be changed by request – please note any color change in special instructions.

Please note #5 – we include the clear laminate.

ALSO NOTE – you will want to find a local vinyl shop (there are seemingly millions of them) to professionally install this. Installation should not be expensive, $25-$40 are typical fees.


Installing a Tattoo Jerry Doc Band Wrap is more involved than applying cranial band decals, and we have a video showing a wrap being applied to a Doc Band.

Left Open vs Right Open – What side is the clasp on as you look at your child’s face?

Left vs right doc band openings
Left vs right doc band openings

We only recommend wrapping doc bands – full helmets are more tricky to apply a Tattoo Jerry Doc Band Wrap to. And vinyl wrap installation is an art, we recommend you find a local sign shop and have them apply it. If they are not confident to apply the Doc Band wrap, you can point them to our video showing a professional wrap the Doc Band.

Wrapping a doc band involves the right application of heat and professional installation should be $50 or less.

We have about a thousand designs. If you like a helmet design but do not see it offered as a doc band wrap, please just message us and we will be happy to convert it to a wrap design.


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