How to create the dragon and mermaid skin helmet

This decal set is a little different from out typical offering.  The resulting band will look like a complete wrap!  However the process is a little more complicated and this guide will walk you through it.

Step 1.  Start at the lowest points of the helmet.  Scales should overhang the band and band structures.  The extra that overlaps should be trimmed off with a sharp knife (I use a x-acto) to make a clean edge.

Try to keep the scales even around as you go around the band so that when the pattern joins at some point, everything looks even.  However the scales are forgiving.

Speaking of forgiving, we started with painting the helmet black because the band curvature might cause a small gap between two scales and you can’t see it with a black base coat.

Step 1 & 2 - start at the lowest points of the helmet Step 1 & 2 – start at the lowest points of the helmetStep 2.  I worked my way up and around the band.  I tend to trim as I go, as the overlapping scales are sticky on the back side and want to stick to everything.


Step 2 - work your way around and up the band Step 2 – work your way around and up the bandStep 3.  All the scales are on and I just have some trim work left.  The white on the band is are foam covers and I have just left them alone.

Step 3 - most of the scales are on now Step 3 – most of the scales are on nowStep 4.  Apply the eyes and the text.  This helmet has many holes drilled in the top, and I used my fingers to find them and my knife to cut the vinyl covering the hole.

Step 4 - apply the eyes and text Step 4 – apply the eyes and textStep 5.  Apply protection.  Normally we recommend modge podge only on our regular decals, but as a ‘wrap’ this design suffers from wrap issues.  LOL did you expect that wraps were perfect and no issues?  The weakness of wraps is the edges where the wrap comes to the edge.

Kid movement and wear wants to lift those edges and peal back the wrap.  Wraps need a lot of maintenance at these points.  We recommend a layer of permanent varnish and then the five coats of mod podge as per our application instructions.

If there is peeling at the edge, catch it quickly and trim the lifted up edge off and back to the flat portion of the vinyl, and treat the edge with more varnish and mod podge.

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