We now offer metallic vinyls

We have been working with metallic vinyls for a little while and we are ready to start shipping designs.

Silver frost vinyl with teal printing Silver frost vinyl with teal printingNot every design will work with metallics.  Our traditional vinyl feels pliable.  The metallic vinyl feels harder.  This means that larger elements like goggles are not a good choice for metallic vinyl.

Our traditional vinyl is bright white, and colors print on it as you would expect.  Our metallic vinyls are silver or gold or copper, not pure white, so colors appear a little different, like this teal oval on the crown.

This however is half the advantage to the metallic vinyl.  The printing ink is transparent, so light reflected from the band gives depth to designs.  The other half of the benefit is unprinted (white areas) or lightly colored areas of vinyl is shiny and really catches eyes.

Our metallic vinyls are still new for us, and there are still probably things to be learned about working with them.  If you have issues, please let us know what they were, if you solved them, how, and if not, what can we change up?

We will support you if you need a reprint.  In exchange, we ask for picture pictures pictures!

Order metallic vinyl direct from some product pages Order metallic vinyl direct from some product pagesThere are two ways to order decals with the metallic vinyl.  Some designs can be printed on both white or metallic silver, in which case we will start adding a checkbox.

Other designs might have a lot of dark ink, and we will instead offer a separate design that takes better advantage of what metallic vinyl can do.

In this case, look for a design that has “METALLIC” in the name.

Don’t see what you want in metallic?  Email us!  It takes time to make all the changes and if you want a particular design, that work will get done now!

Other designs will be a new product Other designs will be a new product

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