Helmet Decoration Service Details

There are a lot of things in my life that my second experience was much better than my first.  My second tile job?  Much better than the first.  The second room I painted?  Better.  Second marriage?  Much better. That can be true with decorating your helmet.  We have decorated many helmets, and if you would … Read more

Helmet Painting Details

It is not uncommon for folks to ask for a custom helmet look that can’t be done in vinyl but needs to be done with paint.  Ms. Strawn is a fantastic artist, but everyone knows her and not everyone can wait the 1-2 month that she is booked up. And different artists have different styles.  Vincent … Read more

We now offer metallic vinyls

We have been working with metallic vinyls for a little while and we are ready to start shipping designs. Silver frost vinyl with teal printingNot every design will work with metallics.  Our traditional vinyl feels pliable.  The metallic vinyl feels harder.  This means that larger elements like goggles are not a good choice for metallic … Read more

How to create the dragon and mermaid skin helmet

This decal set is a little different from out typical offering.  The resulting band will look like a complete wrap!  However the process is a little more complicated and this guide will walk you through it. Step 1.  Start at the lowest points of the helmet.  Scales should overhang the band and band structures.  The … Read more

How to apply goggle/glasses decals

  Step 1 – cut around the goggles as closely as possibleThis page is a special subset of our full decal application instructions.  Getting glasses and goggles  and other large decals isn’t too hard – if you apply the decals with the correct process.  This is a step by step application guide for goggles and … Read more

Terms and Conditions

These Website Standard Terms and Conditions written on this webpage shall manage your use of our website, blingyourband.com. These Terms will be applied fully and affect to your use of this Website. By using this Website, you agreed to accept all terms and conditions written in here. You must not use this Website if you … Read more

Decorating soft seizure foam helmets

Decorating soft seizure foam helmets Some folks have soft foam helmets for seizures or epilepsy and they question if the decals and mod podge can be used on them.  I have tested this and they work well, but I thought the pictures and report from Ashley would be good for everyone!   “Good Morning, I … Read more

My official point of contact is Email

Please know that my official point of contact is email only, [email protected].  That way all conversations are in one place, easily searchable, and email is the place that I look for communication each work day.   Please do not send messages that need a timely response any other way.   We hold ourselves responsible for … Read more

How to order from countries I can’t ship directly too

  There are some countries that the international postal system is not reliable enough for me to have confidence in the system.  ComGateway.com is a good solution for you and frankly even for countries where shipping is reliable but slow.   Register with ComGateway.com and receive a shipping address, and then use that shipping address … Read more

Personalized summer camp trunk decal application guide

It is almost summer camp time! And it is past time to create your personalized summer camp trunk with one of our many decal designs! This step-by-step decal application guide will show you how to go from bland to awesome in just a few steps! The truck below was decorated in a few hours and … Read more