I need my order by a specific date. Is that possible?

      Often, yes.  If you need it by a specific date, please note it in special instructions or send us an email.  We do everything possible to make it happen at no extra cost, but we will notify you if expedited shipping is needed, and you can elect to use it.

How long is the shipping transient time?

    We ship most items via the post office.  Please note, we never tell anyone when a package will arrive.  We can only say how long it takes most people to get a package.   0 – 13oz ship First Class Mail which the post office advertises arrives in 1-3 days   14oz – … Read more

Do items from the same manufacture always match?

      Please note that if you are ordering a nap mat, lunch tote, backpack and duffle bag from one manufacturer, the color may not be the exact same.  They will be close, and often match exactly, but don’t always.

What customers say about using Mod Podge to seal the decals

Applying it “I found using a small sponge brush worked best to apply it. I used the sponge brush so I could throw it away when done. I applied 1 coat. Let it dry. Then applied another coat. Let that dry. Then applied as needed. Held up well. Only had to touch up once in … Read more

Name, initial, and monogram borders

You can choose from these optional name, initial, and monogram borders.  To use one, please note in the special instructions section something like “Please use Border #4”!   You can use a border on our Name Only product for no extra fee.  If you would like to use a border from this page on a different design, … Read more

Cranial band custom painting

      We are in the process of interviewing talented artists who will be able to custom paint a helmet in various styles.  If a style matches what you are looking for, we will connect you with the artist of your choice. We are also in the process of acquiring helmets, and will have … Read more

Using Mod Podge on vinyl Decals

Watch the YouTube version!I have to admit, the YouTube version of the Mod Podge instructions are better then the written word, as you can watch the process! We highly, strongly, very much recommend using Mod Podge to seal and protect the decals from abrasion damage, and this guide shows more details about using it. To … Read more

Vinyl Printing Fonts

    This is a collection of just some of our popular fonts.  Some designs do use fonts not shown here (yet).  In theory, we can print in any font.  In reality, thin fonts are not as robust as thick fonts, and thin (particularly thin cursive) fonts may not always be robust enough to even … Read more

How long does it typically take for my order to ship?

Vinyl decals: Except in unusual circumstances like illness or vacation, you should receive a proof via email within about one business day of your order.  If you like it, please respond with printing approval, or ask for changes. We generally print and ship within a business day of receiving printing approval.  Wraps need to sit … Read more

Using Mod Podge with the decals

Watch the YouTube version!I have to admit, the YouTube version of the Mod Podge instructions are better then the written word, as you can watch the process!  The video shows how super easy this step is. We highly, very much, strongly recommend sealing the decals with Mod Podge.  While the decals stick well to the slick, … Read more